Viability prototyping

Don’t hesitate and do it! We will help you verify your business idea effectively in market conditions! Prototyping is a key.

Don’t let your idea to stay on paper

Development of advanced applications is expensive and may last even few years. Entrepreneurs very often can’t handle investments with high risk, abandoning their ideas. In Supportdevs we create an app specially for you, accordingly to Viability Prototyping concept.

In short time and with low cost we deliver a product in VP version, reduced to minimum number of functions.

Verify your idea in market conditions

You can easily and fast release your product with us. This may help you check if it’s a good idea and if it could get profits in the future. Feedback collected during the prototyping will help you make the decision what to do next. You can also develop an app to final product, modify the strategy and target group or just to resign without wasting your money.

How it works?

Experiment and find the best business model for you!

Only 1 out of 10 startups achieve success, so placing innovative solutions on the market must be risky. Despite wasting several years to develop one product, you can test few options, verify wrong assumptions and choose the best business model for you without wasting high amount of money. Every single sample will help you achieve practical knowledge and experience, which will help you reach the success in the future.

We want to develop your idea into a product to fit into the market by analyzing customers’ needs and to find key functionalities for your product. If product met enough interests, we will handle your app to develop it to final version.

What you earn?

  • App is ready to be released on the market within 3 weeks
  • Fast product verification in market conditions
  • No risk of high loss
  • Smaller app is just 15% of the final product
  • Possibility to develop app to the final version
  • You can test plenty business models
  • You can modify strategies on the early stage of project
  • Fast feedback from users

Costs of different models of building apps

  • Product
  • 89.000$
  • MVP
  • 29.000$
  • VP (Viability Prototyping)
  • 12.000$

Do you want to know how much for YOUR APP?