What we do

As a software development company we specialize in building web and mobile applications, but also UI/UX design.

How we work?

tworzenie aplikacji webowych

Web applications

Using recent and in our opinion best technologies to create we applications, we are able to build advanced websites, complex CRM systems, e-commerce, games and any other applications in technologies we are the best of.

What is more we can handle already existing projects as well or make a synchronization with other existing solutions. We have decent experience in building any kind of projects for companies and individual customers. To do this we use such technologies as Spring, Angular and PHP.

tworzenie aplikcji mobilnych

Mobile applications

We create mobile applications for iOS and Android platform for latest and older soft versions. Our offer includes activities in field of designing application, building, implementing and even marketing promotion activities. Key to success of those applications is perfect cooperation with the client.

We believe, that everything we make should be known by the client – because we do it for him/her. That’s why our goal is to reach client’s expectations in 100%. As a software developers, we think that our contribution may bring some other values than just perfect code.

Technologies we use in mobile application developments are Swift, Objective-C, Java, React Native.

ux design aplikacji


Despite technical fields of our team, we do things connected with the visual aspects – design, graphics, banners, identification, product and UI/UX design. Our team responsible for design cooperates incessantly with software developers to provide the best project quality in terms of esthetical and usage aspects.

First of all we identify client’s needs and project’s target. Then we move on through market analysis and fit conclusions into application. Whole process of designing is very complex, whereas we show propositions of all elements and solutions always on time.

Tell us about your project!

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usługi informatyczne - software house


Technical support is the thing that is very important and crucial for existing projects, that’s why we provide that kind of activities not only for our application, but also for other ones. Additionally, we develop less often other applications such as desktop apps – those are systems for businesses, databases etc. We provide help in developing applications and technical support including security.

For every project we approach individually, that’s why even if project you have is very unconventional – contact us and we will look at it. We cooperate also with other companies, so if we can’t do it, we’re sure our friends can!

Tell us about your project!

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tworzenie aplikacji webowych - angular


We are huge fans of this framework! We work in AngularJS and Angular 2 – almost for all applications we built and currently building. We think that Google made great work releasing this product!

tworzenie aplikacji webowych - javascript


Programming language, which is used for creating web applications. Web games, animations, advanced websites – those are things that we are master in!

tworzenie apliakji mobilnych - android


This is maybe not a technology, but operating system for mobile devices. To build apps for this platform we use Java language, which allows us to develop complex and simple projects.

tworzenie aplikacji mobilnych - ios


Similarly as in Android, this is not a technology, but also operating system for mobile devices. In this case, we use Swift and Objective-C languages.

tworzenie aplikacji webowych - spring


We call this “a heart and soul of application” so everything which is responsible for project’s working. This is Java’s framework, made for building back-end.

tworzenia aplikacji na platformy iOS


This enlargement of C programming language we use for building mobile applications for iOS, macOS etc. Although there are a lot of discussions about higher and higher Swift advantage over Objective-C – we think that there is a golden mean.


In our company we have also “a small war”. PHP developers fighting with Spring developers about what is better for certain project. Despite that we believe that this only makes us stronger because of higher elasticity for clients, standing between two sides of the conflict.

tworzenia aplikacji na platformy iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS


Programming language, which is used for building mobile applications for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS. We have proper experience and team for building this kind of applications. This particular language is getting more popular, that’s why recent project we’ve made were used mostly this language.

tworzenia aplikacji na platformy iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS


It’s a programming language which we use perhaps the most often. We create applications for Android platform, desktop applications using JavaFX but also back-end partials using Spring framework. This coffee monster turned around our head and has huge impact on our team.