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linia - ux design aplikacji
linia - ux design aplikacji

SupportDevs for business, for people, for startups. Every project we treat individually, because we love programming. It is our passion.

About us

We are a software development company which develops mobile applications for iOS and Android, web applications and design, UI/UX. We create both internal and external projects as well

Our work

Web and mobile development

We create mobile applications for iOS and Android platform in various programming languages. What is more, we build advanced websites and web applications, using mostly such frameworks as Angular and Spring.

Design and UI/UX

Despite programming, we provide also professional designing and UI/UX activities for all projects and applications, which we handle of. Thanks to that, our projects are for people, perfectly designed.


We also develop and handcraft already existing projects. Additionaly, right after finishing applications, Supportdevs also provides technical support connected either with security or application’s working.

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